Tertiary Education Subsidy Updates Academic Year 2024

It is a grant-in-aid program that supports the entire or partial cost of postsecondary education for priority students at state universities and colleges (SUCs), CHED-recognized local universities and colleges (LUCs), and private higher education institutions (HEIs).

It is not a scholarship based on merit, but on a prioritization method determined by the uniFAST board according to RA 10931.


SUCs CHED Recognized LUCs private HEIs
Per AY 20,000 or 10,000 per Semester

Additional Benefits
1. Tes-3a 
(person with disability) 
PHP 5,000
(Board/Licensure Exam Takers)
PHP 8,000

Who Are Eligible To TES Scholarship

  • Be a Filipino citizen
  • No previous undergraduate degree
  • Enrolled in SUCs, CHED-Recognized LUCs and private HEIs and in programs Included in the CHED registry
  • Do not overstay in the program. (i,e 4 or 5 years +1-years grace period)

TES Documents Requirements

  • Certificate of registration/enrollment
  • Certificate of residency  ( for private no SUC/LUC category)
  • PWD id (if applicable)

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For the academic year 2024–2025, UniFAST has not issued a call for test applications. Please use caution when clicking on links or completing forms for TES applications on illegitimate websites and social media pages, as this will only open when funding or slots for new grantees become available. Applications for the TES cannot be submitted in person or by walk-in at CHED-UniFAST offices because the process is handled by the HEI where the student is now enrolled.

source from : TES facebook