Good news for Filipino students now accepting the Teach Stem scholarship program. Scholarship opportunities in the Philippines are available for various levels of education, including elementary, high school, undergraduate, and graduate studies. These scholarships are offered by government agencies, private organisations and educational institutions. Here are some common types of scholarships in the Philippines


  • Financial grant (sent directly to a scholars bank account)
  • State university PHP 65,000 per year 
  • Private university PHP 85,000 per year
  • Scholar development program
  • Access to capacity-building program (leadership development, upskilling, subject content mastery)
  • Support from a community of educators

TEACH STEM Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a current college student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in education with a specialty in STEM-related disciplines, tech-voc training education, or general education. Strong consideration will be given to incoming second-year students. Students who are expected to graduate in the academic year 2024–2025 are not eligible to apply for this grant.
  • Must be enrolled in teacher education institutions (TEIs) or plan to enrol in one, with LET performance above the national average. 
  • There must be no failed, dropped, or incomplete grades from the preceding academic year.
  • In senior high school, academic records from grades 11 and 12 will be considered.  
  • Must have a general weighted average of at least 85% or equivalent from the preceding academic year. 
  • In senior high school, GWA from Grade 11 will be assessed. 
  • Participates in extracurricular or community activities. 
  • Willing to work in a public school in their town after graduation 
  • Must be in good moral standing with no existing disciplinary case. 
  • Must require financial support to complete studies. 
  • Preferably not the recipient of any other scholarships.  
  • HE/SHE Must be in good health. 

TEACH STEM Documents Requirements

  • Evidence of registration or acceptance 
  • Provide a letter of intent to attend and verification of acceptance if you are an incoming college student.  
  • Provide a statement of intent to enroll in the upcoming semester OR the certificate of registration from the current semester if you are a continuing college student. 
  • Authenticated copy of grades 
  • Provide academic records from Grades 11 and 12 (available quarters) if you are a new college student. 
  • Provide your grades from the last two (2) semesters if you are still enrolled in college. 
  • The official university or school grading scheme 
  • Any document from the organisation demonstrating the conversion of grades at the university or school can be used as this. (For instance, 2.0 = 80%)
  • Portfolio showcasing a person’s involvement in the community and its effects  
  • A certificate of integrity from the current year   
  • Evidence of household income 
  • If the applicant’s parents or guardians are employed, please provide one of the following: A job certificate outlining the position and pay, the most recent ITR, or BIR Form 2316 
  • Provide a BIR tax exemption certificate from the local government (LGU) if the applicant’s parents or guardians are unemployed. 
  • evidence of residency  
  • a picture of the home, AND 
  • Evidence of payment OR a barangay certificate 
  • Square image with ID picture on white background



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TEACH STEM Priority Courses

Bachelor of secondary education, major in
Bachelor of elementary education major in
1.Science and health education
2.General education
3.General curriculum
4.Early education
Information Technology & TLE Courses
1.Bachelor in information technology education (BITED) with certificate in Elementary, junior high school & senior high school teaching
2.Bachelor of technology and livelihood economics
3.Bachelor of technology and livelihood education, major in information and communication technology
Bachelor of technical-vocational teacher education, major in
1.Drafting technology
2.Civil technology
3.Electronics technology 
4.Automotive technology
5.Construction technology
6.Computer technology
7.heating ,ventilating and air-condition technology
8.Mechanical technology
9.Computer technology
10.Electrical technology 
11.Computer hardware servicing

MASTER’S Priority Courses

Masters of arts & science education Science
1.Major in biology education
2.Major in chemistry
3.Major in physics
4.Major in general education
5.Major in advance science education
1.Major in mathematics
2.Major in secondary mathematics
Other masters degree program
1.Non- formal education
2.Tech-voc teaching (major in stem )
3.Special education

MASTER’S Eligibility Requirements

He or she must be an incoming or ongoing College Students Who are taking a course in Education with specialisation:

  • STEM-Related Fields
  • Technical Vocational Program or
  • General Education
  • Must be enrolled or intend to enroll in a TEI with LET Performance above the National average.
  • He or she must not have failed, Dropped or a Incomplete Grades in previous academic Years.
    • If Senior High School
    • The Academic Records form Grade 11 and Grade 12 will be evaluated.
  • Must have a General weighted average of 85% or to its equivalent form the Previous academic year
    • GWA Grade 11 if he or she is a Senior High School.
  • He or She must involvement in Extracurricular or Community Activities.
  • He or She must have a Good Moral Standing, Should not have an existing Disciplinary Case.
  • He or She must be in a Need of Financial Support to Complete Studies.
  • Preferably not a Recipient of other Scholarships.
  • He or she must have a Good health.

MASTER’S Documents Requirements

Fully accomplished Application Form

  • Must have a Proof of Enrollment or a Admission
    • For those who are incoming students have to submit the proof of Admission and Letter of the Enrollment
    • For on Going College Students, have to Submit the Proof of Registration form the Current Semester or Letter of Enroll in the next Semester
  • True Certified Copy of Grades
  • He or She must submit a Certificate of Good Moral Character for the Current Year
  • He or she must submit Proof of household income
  • ID Picture on a White Background (2×2)


Online Application Form for TeachSTEM College Degree Scholarship  
Online Application Form for TeachSTEM Master’s Degree Scholarship 
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)